Falcon Group has alwaysmaintained high standards of its products
we recommend and sale pink salt to those
who care for their health and others health

Pink Salt

Our pink salt is 100 pure and natural. It is hand-mined salt collected from foothill of the Hamalayan salt range. It is considered to be the most premium quality saltand enerched in taste compare to Sea salt and table salt. Our salt is pure from all impurities and contain no additives. It is perfect for all types of cooking and cuisine. It contain healthy minerals for human body's

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Salt Lamp Shapes


Several factors have helped in winning the trust of the customers of which few are given below:

International Standard: Our products meet the international standards, or providing world class products and services to meet our customers' requirements.

A fast delivery time: A fast delivery time to solve the urgent needs of customers

No minimum order quantity: We can provide you the high quality products without quantity limited at a low price.

Professional and reliable cooperative team: Our team of dedicated experts ensure that they understand every requirement of our client and advice a product according to plan.

Full customer satisfaction: We believe customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of every successful firm. We demand 100% satisfaction when we are the customer. And we expect nothing less from ourselves when the tables are turned. Being responsive to and enthusiastic about client's words, we have been able to forge long-term / standing relation with our clients in this ever-changing competitive business realm.


Our QA/QC teams have worked endlessly over the years to conform our systems to meet or exceed QC parameters set by different certifications and we have successfully achieved many certifications over the past 2 decades that include, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BRC, GMP, GMP+, Kosher, Halal, etc.

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